Hearing aid innovations: Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology was made famous to the public through wireless head sets for cell phone users. Given this common use of Bluetooth, it is not surprising that this technology has been integrated into today’s hearing aids. Bluetooth hearing devices can be incredibly helpful for a wide range of patients, but they are most beneficial for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. Here is a closer look at what you should know about Bluetooth hearing aids.

Cutting costs with Bluetooth

The cost of hearing aids may be driven down with Bluetooth, because these devices are simpler to customize for different patients. They may be made from off-the-shelf Bluetooth devices, which are less expensive to produce than other hearing aid devices.

Simplifying hearing aid adjustments

Just like a Bluetooth head set, a Bluetooth hearing aid can connect directly to a smart phone for easy and immediate adjustments in sound quality. This can simplify a patient’s settings for his or her hearing aid to create optimal sound quality in a wide range of situations. Bluetooth hearing aids may also connect directly to a television or computer for an enhanced viewing experience that does not have the interference of a conventional hearing aid.

Increasing patient comfort

A common goal of modern hearing aids is to reduce the size of the device. This creates a more comfortable device that patients are more likely to wear every day. Compact technologies also make hearing aids more discreet, so it is harder for others to tell that you are wearing one.

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