Helping funeral guests understand cultural traditions

Funeral traditions vary around the world, so there are many ways in which deceased individuals’ lives may be celebrated and remembered. If your family has distinctive cultural traditions that may be unfamiliar to neighbors and colleagues of your lost loved one, it may be helpful to provide an educational perspective before and during your services. Here are a few ways in which you can share your traditions with funeral guests and encourage participation in prayers and rituals.

Write detailed programs

Funeral programs that walk guests through each aspect of the service will be helpful guides to those who are unfamiliar with the traditions involved in the memorial. In these programs, you might also add a history of specific ceremonies to help guests appreciate their significance.

Display cultural artifacts

If you have artifacts that reflect your family’s religious beliefs, you might put them on display at the funeral service along with notes explaining their meaning. Traditional music is another possible element to include as you welcome guests to take part in your family’s heritage.

Encourage guests to ask questions

As you invite guests to funeral services, it may be helpful to offer a brief explanation of your religious and cultural traditions and encourage guests to ask any questions they may have. You might direct them to certain resources or enjoy explaining aspects of your heritage to curious guests wishing to participate.

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