Helping your spouse cope with loss

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When your spouse loses a loved one, it’s important to offer support and understanding through the entire grieving process. You will want to find a balance in your words and actions to offer this support without trying to "fix" your loved one’s sadness and grief. While there’s no right way to help your spouse cope, here are some ideas to consider when supporting a loved one through difficult times.

Understand differences in the grieving process

Men and women tend to grieve differently, so you should avoid becoming frustrated if your spouse is not handling the situation as you would. You may have to accept that your spouse is emotionally reserved, or alternatively very willing to express emotions. Understanding the particular ways your spouse expresses grief will help you provide better emotional support.

Maintain open communication

It's always okay to ask your spouse what he or she needs rather than trying to guess. Keep conversation active as they mourn, and remind your spouse that you are there for support. Remember that listening is just as important as talking, so your best move may be to offer an open ear to your husband or wife.

Help with funeral planning

The details of funeral planning may be difficult for your spouse, so you might need to step in to help out. If tension is high among siblings and family members, it is often helpful to speak as a more objective voice when important decisions need to be made.

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