Honoring the deceased on Mother’s Day

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If your mother has passed away, Mother’s Day can be a special time to honor her life. Spending the day with your whole family will help you share memories and grieve in a healthy way. Here are some ideas that can help you bring the memory of your mom to Mother’s Day.

Cook childhood comfort foods

Food can be a great comfort—especially if you prepare the dishes that you loved eating as a child. If you have your mom’s apron or rolling pin, use these special items as you prepare her best recipes.

Decorate with flowers

You might continue the tradition of buying mom flowers for Mother’s Day by decorating her gravesite or urn. White carnations are the traditional flowers for the occasion, but you might add a personal touch with a bouquet of roses in your mom’s favorite color.

Give back to the community

Charity work can help you move forward as you grieve and honor your mom’s memory. When you can’t get out to volunteer in the community, you might donate in your mother’s name to her favorite charity.

Write a letter to mom

You may not be able to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in a traditional sense, but you can write your thoughts down to get your feelings out in a letter. For a more modern tribute, consider writing a blog post, filming a video or putting together a slideshow of your favorite moments together.

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