Host a perfect business lunch at Allgauer’s

Entertaining clients or colleagues for lunch plays an important role in business, and Allgauer’s can help you make these corporate lunches go smoothly with elegant dining in Northbrook and Naperville. Regardless of the location you choose, be sure to follow these simple tips for a successful lunch.

Confirm your plans ahead of time

One to two days before your lunch, confirm your plans with your guest. This will ensure that you are both on the same page for the time, date and location of your meeting. If your client is in one place and you are in another on the day of your meeting, the lunch will be ruined before it begins.

Hold off on the business talk

Naturally the purpose of your lunch is to talk shop, but this should not be the lead-in to tableside conversation. Start with small talk, decide what to order, and then get into business once the food is on its way.

Choose a simple dish

Business lunches may not be the best time to order a steak or messy pasta dish. Keep it simple with a salad or sandwich that will not demand too much of your attention. Your focus should be on your guest, not handling a messy dish.

Offer your credit card when the bill arrives

The host of the business lunch should flip the bill, and a credit card looks much more professional than cash. Be ready to handle the bill when it arrives so that you can avoid an awkward conversation about who is going to pay for the meal.

Allgauer’s has been serving award-winning cuisine in the Chicago area for more than 25 years. With a lunch buffet running Monday through Friday, Allgauer's offers delicious cuisine at reasonable prices. Make lunch reservations today by calling Hilton Northbrook at 847-664-7999, or Hilton Lisle at 630-245-7650. 

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