How has senior living transitioned among baby boomers?

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Recent years have seen a shift in the choices for retirement living, as today’s seniors are looking for more independence and options in their homes amenities. Nursing home living has become less common as assisted living and maintenance-free communities have become more popular options among baby boomers. Read on for a closer look at trends in the aging baby boomer population.

Living close to home

Relocation is not as common as it was in the 1990s, because seniors want to live closer to their families and home communities. Downsizing to condos or apartments in suburban areas is typically more favorable than relocating to areas such as Florida, which has historically been a popular retirement destination. Baby boomers are finding more satisfaction in staying connected to their communities where they have built their lives.

Personalized care

Technology has facilitated safer living situations without the need for more supervised care at home. More senior citizens are also turning to computer communication to maintain a higher level of social interaction, which leads to a higher quality of life and lower rates of depression.

Private, luxurious living

While many elderly individuals do still require assistance in personal care, chores, transportation and meal preparation, they prefer to live in a comfortable home setting rather than a medical facility. Today’s senior living communities offer excellent amenities with large floor plans, modern features and recreational facilities.

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