How much space do you need in your new home?

An excellent advantage to building a custom home is the flexibility of the space in your new home. Purchasing an existing home within a preplanned subdivision will limit what you can do with every room, which may lead you to buy more square footage than you actually need. When you sit down with a custom builder to learn how much space you need, here are some factors to consider. 

Family size

The primary indicator of your spatial needs will be the size of your family. You should also consider how long your children may be living with you so that you can build dual functionality into rooms intended for older kids who may be leaving home within a few years.

Room uses

If you work from home, you might include extra room to dedicate as a home office. If both you and your spouse spend significant time at home, you may both want your own space to minimize distractions during the work day. Other unique room uses that might expand the space you want include game rooms and home gyms.

Need for entertaining space

Frequent entertaining may guide you to utilize a more open living space or include extra rooms for guests. The kitchen is most commonly a hub for home entertainment, so you might dedicate more space to the kitchen and less to areas like storage.

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