How safe is chiropractic care?

Photo courtesy of Haug Chiropractic

Photo courtesy of Haug Chiropractic

If you have hesitated to see a chiropractor because you are concerned about the safety of chiropractic medicine, you may have some misconceptions about this type of care. There is no limit to the number of chiropractic adjustments you can safely receive, and these adjustments are completely safe for patients at any age and state of health. To help you better understand how safe chiropractic care, here are a few key facts for patients.

Myths about chiropractic safety

The biggest myth surrounding chiropractic medicine is that it can harm the spine or lead to arthritis. In fact, just the opposite is true. People also believe that chiropractic care is painful, but there is minimal pain associated with adjustments—particularly with atlas orthogonal adjustments.

Minimal side effects

Unlike medications and surgical procedures, chiropractic care has few to no side effects. Some patients may feel tired after an adjustment, or they might have some minor soreness that subsides quickly. There are no major side effects to consider with care, but there are significant long-term benefits. Children are especially good candidates for chiropractic adjustments, because they can set up a lifetime of good posture and habits for the spine.

Compared results with conventional medicine

There is no other branch of medicine that can provide the results of chiropractic care with so few side effects. While it is important for patients to continue seeing a primary physician in conjunction with a  chiropractor, many patients find that they require far fewer visits to the doctor when they receive regular chiropractic care.

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