How to avoid the flu this winter

If you have gotten sick with seasonal influenza in the past, then you know that the flu can have you off your feet and feeling ill for days. To stay healthy this year, you might explore some natural, holistic healing treatments that can build your body’s immune defense and give you a boost of extra energy for the busy holiday season.

Salt cave

Salt cave sessions can have extraordinary benefits on the respiratory system, because the cave is completely free of contaminants in the air. It is also charged with negative ions and essential minerals from the natural pink salt. You can breathe easier and feel stress melt away as you relax in the cool and calming cave.

Sinus treatment

Sinus infection and allergies can worsen respiratory infections like influenza, so you may benefit from sinus treatment that incorporates acupressure to promote lymphatic drainage. This 30 minute provides immediate relief with help from aromatherapy with soothing essential oils.

Ear candling

The ancient practice of ear candling is a safe and simple treatment that will cleanse the ears of unnecessary buildup and restore balance in the body. This simple, detoxifying treatment may be just what your body needs to take on the tough winter season.

Sauna sessions

Infrared sauna treatments will offer complete detox with the power of far, mid and near infrared rays that can be customized for your unique physical needs. As you relax and sweat in the sauna, your fatigue will fade as you feel the benefits of improved circulation and cleansing purification of the skin.

Timeless Day Spa in Naperville offers all of these unique holistic therapies in a relaxing spa setting featuring a soothing Himalayan salt cave. To schedule services at Timeless Day Spa, visit their website or call 630-428-0700. 

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