How to choose a healthy slice of pizza



If you assume that pizza can’t fit into a healthy lifestyle, you might rethink the way that you order your pie. With a few simple adjustments to a traditional pizza order, you can cut significant calories from your meal while still enjoying the food you love. 

Go light on the cheese

In small servings, cheese can be a healthy part of your diet, because it provides calcium and protein. However, you will want to keep the cheese light, as overdoing it can drive up the fat content of your slice of pizza. Be sure to specify that you want your slice easy on the cheese and give it a dab with a napkin before eating to soak up any excess grease.

Load up on veggies

The toppings you select can make pizza a healthy choice or an overindulgence, so go with veggies as your primary choices. If you are really craving meat on your pizza, you might go for a leaner choice like Canadian bacon instead of sausage or pepperoni.

Select thin crust

Thin crust pizza will save you on calories and provide a delightful crunch to the texture of your pie. Plus, thin crust can only support the weight of a few toppings, so you will have some built-in portion control with your meal. As you eat, take a break after one slice to decide if you are hungry enough for another. You might find that just one slice is more than enough to satisfy your craving.

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