How to create a safe, comfortable environment at home after surgery

After a surgical procedure, it is important to provide your loved one with a smooth and comfortable transition back into the home. If your loved one is scheduled for an upcoming surgery, you will want to take the following steps to ensure that he or she will recover fully at home.

Assist with personal hygiene

After surgery, a person may need assistance with basic personal hygiene tasks, such as bathing and dressing. To keep your loved one comfortable after a surgery procedure, it is important to offer your help with personal hygiene and wound care to minimize the risk for post-operative infections. By assisting with these daily tasks, you will help ensure that your loved one is healthy and happy during the recovery process.

Monitor medications and appointments

Medication and follow-up care are critical for a complete recovery following surgery. To ensure that your loved one remains healthy during recovery, it is essential to assist with these medical needs. Examples of at-home medical care could include refilling and distributing prescription medications or providing rides to the doctor.

Help with household tasks

When a person is recovering from a surgery, he or she should spend time resting and avoiding strenuous tasks such as household chores. To create a safe and comfortable environment at home, it is a great idea to help out with cleaning, laundry and other daily errands.

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