How to express sympathy when you cannot attend a funeral

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While you would like to attend a loved one's funeral in person, this may not always be possible with work and family obligations. That does does not mean, however, you can’t pay your respects to a deceased loved one. There are several ways to honor the memory of the deceased even when you cannot attend services in person.

Send flowers or gifts

Offering gifts for the funeral service such as flowers or a donation in the deceased’s name is a classic way to show support. If you were closely related to the deceased, you might also offer to pay for a portion of funeral expenses.

Have a meal delivered to grieving family members

In the midst of funeral planning and grieving, it can be challenging for the bereaved to take care of their personal needs. Therefore, a small gesture such as having dinner delivered can go a long way in expressing your sympathy.

Attend the service remotely 

With modern video communications, you can still attend the service without being there physically. You can use a number of different free services to tune into the funeral via webcam and chat individually with those in attendance. You could also record a video message that can be played during the funeral service. This may provide you with the closure that is missed by not attending the services in person.

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