How to make your home fit for entertaining

If you are planning to host a big holiday party this year, you might use the event as inspiration to reorganize and restyle your home for the holidays. You can clear up some room for festive decorations and get your house ready to entertain a big group of guests with ease. Here are some changes you might make to open up your home for better entertaining.

Optimize your seating

Having enough places to sit is essential for successful entertaining, so take a look at your living room to see how you can squeeze in more seating without adding clutter. You might go off the wall and put two couches back to back with smaller chairs surrounding. This will help create more seating areas with opportunities for multiple conversations in one room.

Invest in entertainment ware

Aside from seating, you might shop around for pieces like bar cabinets or buffet tables to help you display cocktails and snacks. If you are planning a big holiday dinner, it might even be time to purchase a new dining room table that you can dress up with your favorite holiday linens.

Get clever with storage

Reducing everyday messes is the key to presenting a beautiful space for guests. Therefore, you might rework the function of certain pieces or shop around for multi-taskers that can help you get rid of clutter around the house.

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