How to stick to your New Year’s fitness resolution

With the New Year approaching, you may have a resolution in mind related to weight loss or getting in shape. The New Year is a popular time for people to start hitting the gym, but few stick with it throughout the whole year. To make a resolution that lasts, use these tactics to promote long-term fitness.

Invest in home equipment

Instead of letting a gym membership get dusty on the shelf, you might just get a treadmill, elliptical or rower for your own home. Home gym equipment can fit into any budget, as it ranges from basic bikes and weights to high-tech professional training gear. Shopping locally for your home fitness needs will provide you with a first-hand look at the best tools for your goals and budget.

Set achievable goals

As you set goals for your New Year’s resolution, you should be honest about your current level of fitness. This will enable you to set short-term goals that are more practical and build to a larger end-goal. If you currently have trouble running a mile, training for a marathon may be more than your body can handle. Working toward a 5K race and then building from there, however, can help you stay on the right track and mark your achievements along the way.

Rethink your diet

Regular exercise may offer some room to indulge in higher calorie foods, but a well-rounded diet rich in vegetables and lean protein will provide excellent support for your physical fitness. When you eat better, you will have more energy to keep you motivated through every workout.

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