How to undo holiday damage with a healthy cleanse

During the holidays, you may find it hard to resist tables full of baked goods, roasted meats and decadent snacks. While indulging on special occasions is not going to cause much permanent damage, it is important to get back on track with healthy eating so that you do not start craving unhealthy foods that will not favor your health or your waist line. A purifying cleanse can help you push the reset button and clear out your system of toxins that may be absorbed from overindulging in holiday foods. At Two Mothers Foods, cleansing is easy, simple and delicious with an assortment of vegan salads and juices offered in one or two day packages.

Detoxify with juice

Whether you select a one day package with three juices or a two day package with six, you will have choices from a long menu of detoxifying juices to tantalize your taste buds. If you have sweeter tastes, you might enjoy Apple Spice, Mango Tango or Mucho Melon with watermelon, cantaloupe and orange juice. For a more garden fresh flavor, try the What’s Up Doc with carrots, kale, cucumber, apple and celery.

Fill up on salad

Juices will help you feel revitalized and cleansed, and salads will fill you up and give you a healthy dose of fiber, protein and vitamins. You can awaken your system with Green Power featuring massaged kale and apple cider vinegar or liven up your taste buds with the Cuban Dream offering the zesty appeal of pink grapefruit, lime and avocado. Two day cleanses also include soups such as Carrot Ginger, Apple Squash and Saffron Celery.

For a closer look at the home-cooked meals, cleanses and catering platters from the Two Mothers kitchen, visit Two Mothers Foods on the Web today or call 630-428-5878. 

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