Is your elderly loved one prepared for a health emergency?

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Accidents and falls are a common cause of health emergencies for seniors. If your loved one still lives at home, it is important to make sure that he or she is prepared for emergencies of this nature. With a few preventative steps, you can help reduce the risk of a serious health emergency at home. Here are some ideas to protect your loved one's health.

Manage existing medical conditions

To help prevent a medical emergency, it is important to manage any existing medical conditions. Make sure that your elderly loved one is receiving the proper medications and is taking the correct dosages. Any changes in medication or treatment should be thoroughly discussed with a doctor.

Create a safe environment

Creating a safe home environment is an important step towards preventing health emergencies. To make the home safe for your elderly loved one, it is a good idea to check that each area of the home is well lit and provides adequate traction for walking. You may also want to consider installing handrails and grab bars along stairways and in the shower.

Consider home care

A home care professional can help prevent the risk of a health emergency. With at-home care, your elderly loved one will receive daily medical and personal care along with caring companionship.

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