Mad River Theatre Works presents Everybody’s Hero: The Jackie Robinson Story

Everybody’s Hero: The Jackie Robinson Story is returning to the Raue Center for the Arts by popular demand this January. This riveting story explores the turbulent start to Jackie Robinson’s professional baseball career with a focus on his personal strength and resilience during a time when baseball fans and fellow players were putting up strong resistance and threats to Jackie’s career in the formerly segregated league.  

About the show

Everybody’s Hero is set in 1947, which was the first year Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers among an entirely white team and coaching staff. The show chronicles the decision to add a black player to the team and the reasons Jackie was selected for this position. He was not only a talented player, but he had what it took to face adversity at every turn while becoming an iconic figure in the public eye and breaking the race barrier in professional baseball. 

Mad River Theatre Works

The production team behind this show is Mad River Theatre Works, which is based in Ohio but has captivated audiences throughout the United States. They are famous for productions that capture important moments in history through music, drama and strong roots in the Midwestern farm country.

Performance details

Everybody’s Hero will be arriving at Raue Center for the Arts just in time for Black History Month on January 31. The show is at 12:15 p.m, and student tickets are available for only $6 (regular admission is $20). The show is sponsored by Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital.

To reserve your tickets for Everybody’s Hero: The Jackie Robinson Story or see the other shows coming to Raue Center for the Arts call 815-356-9212 or visit 

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