Maintaining a healthy relationship with your aging parents

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A common concern for older folks making the transition to assisted living is that they will lose touch with their families, so it's always a good idea to make a commitment to spend more time with your aging parents. By spending more time with your parents, you will help them build a positive attitude in their lives and creating a better outlook for yourself as well. Here is a look at some of the strategies that can help you build the best possible relationship with your parents later in life.

Resolve conflicts of the past

Relationships between parents and their adult children can be complicated by events of the past and childhood experiences. However, late in life it is helpful to let these past issues go and connect through more lighthearted bonds. As you create a happier tone in your relationship, you might begin to address more serious conversations and sensitive subjects.

Schedule regular time for togetherness

Elderly individuals like to stick to a consistent schedule, so you might set up better interactions by keeping a standing date with your parents each week. This may provide your parents something to look forward to and give you more consistency in your routine as well.

Stay connected with your parents’ care

Park of a positive relationship may include your involvement in selecting an assisted living facility and keeping track of your parents’ medical care. When you visit, it might be helpful to spend time with staff members at the facility to learn how your parents are adjusting to their new home and managing their health.

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