Maintenance tips for limestone countertops

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Limestone countertops are a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen. With its gorgeous surface and incredible durability, limestone has become a popular choice for many homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens. When you install limestone countertops, it is important to take special care of this porous stone material. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your limestone countertops looking gorgeous for years to come.

Seal professionally

When your limestone countertops are initially installed, they should be sealed by a professional natural stone service. This sealant will fill the porous surface of the limestone, and prevent cracks and stains. To maintain the surface of the seal, it is a good idea to re-seal your limestone countertops at least once every year.

Clean with gentle materials

Your limestone countertops should be cleaned with gentle materials that are specifically designed for use on this type of stone. If an approved cleaner is not available, you can also wipe your counters down with a mixture of dish soap and warm water. Using the right type of cleaning materials will prevent damage to the sealant and the surface of the limestone underneath.

Prevent scratches

It is important to protect your limestone countertops from scratches. To prevent scratches, it is a great idea to place a protective trivet underneath any items that could potentially damage the surface of the countertop. In addition, it is essential to use a cutting board, rather than cutting directly on the limestone surface.

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