Mullen's combines Bingo and music at bar in Lisle

Heading out to the neighborhood bar for a few drinks is always well-complemented by trivia, games and music, and this year’s biggest pub trend combines all three. Singo has only recently been introduced in sports bars and pubs, but it is rapidly growing in popularity. Here is a closer look at the rising trend of Singo to help you get ready for your next night out.

What to do

Singo takes its name from Bingo, but it requires players to match song titles to music played on the Singo tablet. You will hear short clips from songs ranging from the classics of the 60s to current Top 40 hits. Sing along as you mark songs on your game card, matching the artist and song title to the music on the speakers. The first player to mark five songs in a row and shout “SINGO!” is the winner. Players can win big prizes, so come ready to listen carefully and think quickly on your feet.

Where to play

Mullen’s Bar and Grill is one of the only places in Illinois where you will find Singo, which means that you can enjoy an extensive tap selection and delicious pub fare while you play this exciting, musical game. The fun starts at 10 p.m. on Thursdays, just in time for half price pizzas and $5 martinis.

To see all of the daily specials and events happening at your neighborhood sports bar, check out Mullen’s Bar and Grill on their website. You can also call 630-505-0240 for details about the fun waiting for you at Mullen’s Lisle.  

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