Planning the perfect date in Naperville

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If your weekend plans include a date night on Friday or Saturday evening, Fiammé offers the perfect setting for your romantic evening in Naperville. With a charming atmosphere reminiscent of a café in Naples and a menu of traditional pizzas and Italian wines, Fiammé will capture the right mood for a first date or a quiet dinner with your spouse. To create the right spirit for your date from start to finish, follow these tips for your date night.

Share a bottle of wine

On a first date a bottle of wine can break the ice and allow you to show off your skills as a wine connoisseur. Even if your date knows you well, you might offer a surprise by indulging in a finer bottle of wine that can set the tone for celebration.

Set a leisurely pace for dinner

There is no need to rush through dinner, so be sure that you savor every bite. A common first date faux pas is to order only a small plate or salad, but this can be a turnoff for your dining partner. Enjoy a delicious meal and don’t hesitate to share with your date.

Finish the evening with dessert

Dessert is perhaps the most important course for date night, as it encourages sharing and symbolizes sweeter moments. If you are on a first date, you shouldn’t turn down dessert if your companion suggests it, as offering dessert is typically a sign that the evening is going well.

Fiammé in Naperville offers authentic Neapolitan-style pizza and thoughtful wine pairings in a romantic setting. For dinner reservations at Fiammé, call 630-470-9441 today.

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