Preserving slides of your precious family memories

If you have boxes of old film negatives or projector slides, your memories may be going unnoticed, as these mediums are not easily accessible or durable to the ravages of long-term storage. Therefore, you might consider preserving your slides and negatives with some help from professionals. 

Choosing a transfer solution

When you are transferring slides, you will want to select the amount of DPI (dots or pixels per square inch) for your images. The base is 2,000 DPI, and this will be perfectly sufficient for any screen-viewing of your slides, as well as full high-quality printing up to 5" x 7”. If you want to make larger prints, you can choose 3000 or 4000 DPI. You may have your slides preserved on a CD or USB drive, which will store the images as .jpg files much like modern cameras do. You can also opt for a DVD slideshow of your images, although this will not contain the actual files but rather a video of the images that can be shown on any DVD player or computer with a DVD drive.

Enhancing images

When you seek a professional for slide transfer, you will want to choose a company offering Digital Ice Processing. This scans the image before the file is written to eliminate common photo blemishes like fingerprints, dust particles, and minor scratches. The result is crystal-clear slides that will be preserved with the most pristine quality.

For quick and customizable slide scanning in the Chicagoland area, you can rely on Memory Keepers. The owners do all the transfer work, so you can rest assured that your photos, slides, films and videos will be treated with the utmost care. To get pricing information for slide transfer services, call 630-717-0278 today. 

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