Raue Center workshops let students explore the stage

Raue Center For The Arts regularly hosts national touring companies and musicians, but they also offer programs that get young actors and singers on stage to explore their talents. The Sage Studio Workshops at Raue Center have been a consistent hit with high school students in the Crystal Lake area, and will return this summer with instructors Amanda Flahive and Kate Wilford.

Program history

The Sage Studio was launched in 2007 and taken over by Amanda Flahive of Williams Street Repertory in 2012. Amanda reworked the program to feature courses such as her Triple Threat Workshop and Musical Theatre Workshop. Some students of the Musical Theatre Workshop go on to perform at Raue Center’s annual Stargazers Ball.

Summer events in 2014

This year, Amanda’s program will feature two sessions of the Musical Theatre Workshop in June and July. Other workshops include Stolen Scenes: Scene Study for Young Actors and the Technical Theatre Workshop.

Enrollment details

Tuition for Sage Studio is $100 per workshop, but there are select scholarships available on a case-by-case basis. Application deadlines are approaching fast for students between the ages of 15 and 18.

For more information about this summer’s Sage Studio Workshops, connect with Raue Center For The Arts online or call 815-356-9212. Raue Center also brings students closer to the fine arts with Mission Imagination, which offers excellent field trips for local schools.

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