Real estate agent? Build your business with Charles Rutenberg Realty

Charles Rutenberg Realty offers a unique way for real estate agents to stay connected while they grow their own businesses. Traditionally, real estate companies push their agents to close purchases, increase closed volume, and give up a significant portion of their commissions for each sale. This not only limits the potential of talented agents, but it compromises the experiences of their clients. Charles Rutenberg Realty changes the playing field for agents and allows them to boost their business.

Eliminate sales commissions

Instead of a structure in which agents pay a percentage of each sale, Charles Rutenberg Realty has agents pay a flat $35 monthly fee in addition to $325 per transaction. This can boost profits even if you are closing the same volume of sales as you did under a real estate company where you split your commission.

Become part of a larger network

Charles Rutenberg Realty has more than 770 agents, and it has been named as the #1 Midsized Company on the 2013 Chicago Tribune Top 100 Workplaces list. This reputation can help draw more clients and give you the ability to market yourself more effectively.

Stay current in a changing marketplace

Today’s home buyers are looking online for home listings, which makes web marketing integral to success in the real estate market. Charles Rutenberg Realty provides agents with the resources they need to list homes online and be seen by a wider network of buyers.

To explore more of the benefits of a partnership with Charles Rutenberg Realty, visit their website or call 630-929-1100. Charles Rutenberg Realty allows agents to work on their own terms while enjoying the benefits of a large network of talented Realtors in the Chicago area.

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