Reasons to sell your home after retirement

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While most people envision retirement at home, some find that continuing care communities are more convenient and comfortable. If you are considering making the transition to a senior community, you should also think about selling your home sooner rather than later. Here is a look at the benefits of planning ahead and selling before your move.

Minimize your clutter

You may have a great deal of clutter in your home from boxes your children left behind, items that have been forgotten in basement or attic storage spaces, or bulky and outdated furniture. If you put your home on the market, you may be more motivated to clean out these items and simplify your life. This will make moving much easier and stress-free.

Take advantage of a sellers’ market

The housing market has made a significant recovery over the past few years, and now is the time for sellers to take advantage. Even if you do not currently need specialized in-home care, you may enjoy downsizing your home and entering a maintenance-free community while you are able to demand a higher selling price for your house.

Ensure a comfortable retirement

If you are worried about the stability and longevity of your retirement savings, you can boost your savings account by selling your house. This is especially beneficial if you still owe money on your mortgage, because monthly payments can significantly eat away at your retirement funds.

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