Recognizing early warning signs of Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s disease is a serious health concern for seniors. Alzheimer’s can result in memory loss, a loss in cognitive abilities and a variety of other symptoms. Fortunately, early diagnosis and treatment can help ease the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and ensure a higher quality of life for your loved one. To help identify when specialized care is needed, here are some early warning signs.

Memory loss

Memory loss is a common early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease. While age-related memory loss is common among older people, signs of more serious memory loss could indicate the early onset of Alzheimer’s. If your loved one is having trouble recalling important events or dates, this could be a sign of the first stages of Alzheimer’s. Typically, the early stages of Alzheimer’s will affect short-term memory.

Trouble completing tasks

Another early sign of Alzheimer’s disease is trouble performing everyday tasks. For example, a person who used to enjoy finishing the daily crossword may have trouble solving the puzzle. Other warning signs include trouble finding familiar locations or difficulty remembering the rules of a favorite game.

Spatial or temporal confusion

A person who is showing early signs of Alzheimer’s may become confused about places or times of the day. When Alzheimer’s is in the early stages, a person may lose track of the day of the week or the date and year. Sometimes, a person may experience confusion about their current location or their relationships to familiar people.

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