Solve your pet fur problem with the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog


You may not consider vacuuming a fun or thrilling activity, but the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner may change the way you think about this household chore. With incredible suction and convenient features, the Miele Cat & Dog provides exactly what pet owners need in a vacuum cleaner. 

Charcoal filter

The charcoal filter of the Miele Cat & Dog cuts down significantly on odors that your four-legged friend may leave behind. Even after an accident on the carpet, no one will be able to detect any foul odors after vacuuming.

Easy bag system

Instead of a paper bag, this vacuum utilizes a cloth bag system. Cloth bags capture more dust and dirt than paper, and they are capable of carrying much more debris than the average paper bag.

Long extendable cord

You will not have to worry about constantly moving the plug for the Miele S7260, as it features a long cord with a 54-foot cleaning radius. You can also vacuum at any time of day with optimal visibility from a bright LED headlamp.

Powerful motor

The Miele Cat & Dog may even get your home too clean, as it has a powerful motor capable of picking up the biggest dust bunnies and fur balls. Even if you accidentally pass over small objects such as toys or coins as you clean, the Miele S7260 will have no trouble handling them.

Custom settings

Every surface, from hard wood to carpet to drapes, can be cleaned up by the Miele S7260, and you will have the convenience of a 12-foot integrated hose to reach the hardest spots to clean around your home.

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