Specialty stones to consider for your custom countertops

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Custom countertops can have a stunning effect on kitchen décor. When you are designing your custom countertops, you will have many different types of specialty stone to choose from. By using specialty stone for your custom counters, you will provide your kitchen with a premium look and feel. Let’s take a look at some specialty stones that you may want to consider for your custom countertops.


Onyx will make a beautiful and striking statement in your home. This specialty stone is available in many eye-catching shades, ranging from deep grays to light browns. When you install this unique specialty stone in your home, you will enjoy a gorgeous countertop that is unlike anything you may have seen before.


Travertine countertops offer the look and feel of granite or marble, at a premium price. Travertine is typically available in lighter shades of brown and white. This type of stone offers fantastic durability and performance in the kitchen. If you are seeking a functional countertop that is also exceptionally beautiful, you may want to consider choosing travertine.


Marble countertops will make an elegant addition to your kitchen. With its gorgeous appearance and terrific quality, marble is an excellent choice for your kitchen counters. Marble offers classic good looks and timeless appeal. This specialty stone will create a countertop surface that you are sure to admire for many years to come.

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