Spine health is about more than your back

You might think that chiropractic treatment is only good for acute back and neck pain, but chiropractic care actually addresses a number of common health problems by focusing on the wellness of the spinal column. Issues in the spine can lead to a variety of seemingly unassociated health problems that may be relieved with a few simple adjustments at the chiropractor’s office. Here is a closer look at the integral role of the spine in your overall health to help you understand when the chiropractor may be your best bet for relief.

Associated conditions

Misalignment of the spine can disrupt normal function between the brain and the organs and muscles in the body. When there is an impingement of a spinal nerve in the lower spine, issues such as shooting pain, and abdominal discomfort may arise. In addition, pressure on the nerves in the neck can cause chronic headaches, blurry vision, vertigo, and high blood pressure. Once the chiropractor relieves imbalances and instability in the spine, the nervous system can carry out functions more smoothly.

Causes of spine problems

While issues in the spine may be caused by injuries or direct impact to the back, these issues are often caused or worsened by other habits that you may not connect with your spine health. Diet, for example, can affect the strength of the muscles that surround and support the hard structures of the spine. A chiropractor can address your spine health from a wellness perspective so that you are able to live free of ongoing pain and immobility.

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