Spotlight on Goose Island beers

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Photo Credit: Jamie In Bytown via Compfight cc

Goose Island began winning over beer lovers in the Midwest in 1988, spurring the craft beer movement throughout the Midwest. Among the brewery’s many legendary beers are two varieties that capture the spirit of Chicago: 312 Wheat and 312 Pale Ale. Here's a closer look at some of the brewery's best-selling beers.

312 Urban Wheat Ale

This fruity and somewhat spicy wheat beer has won numerous recognitions in the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival. It is drinkable for connoisseurs and beer novices alike, offering a low hop profile and roasted malt sweetness with minimal gravity.

312 Urban Pale Ale

If you have a taste for the bitterness of hops, Chicago’s own 312 Urban Pale Ale can hit the spot. It remains relatively low on the IBU scale, but holds a strong citrus hop aroma to keep your attention. Because of the higher concentration of hops in the beer, it is best enjoyed fresh and on tap.

Honker’s Ale

For the true pub experience, Goose Island’s award-winning English Style Bitter is a balanced and refreshing choice. It pairs beautifully with burgers and pub sandwiches with a strong malt character and fruity hops on the nose.

The Illinois

True hop lovers will savor 95 IBUs in this Imperial IPA featuring Chinook, Cascade, Citra and Meridian hops. The deep color and strong aroma of this beer will stand up perfectly to spicy chicken wings or a Cajun-spiced burger.

At Mullen’s Bar & Grill in Lisle, you can kick back Goose Island’s 312 beers for $3 per pint every Tuesday during Open Mic Night. To explore Mullen’s menu and plan your perfect Goose Island beer pairings, visit them online or call 630-505-0240.

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