Take time for yourself during the grieving process

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If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, it is important to provide yourself with the time and space that you need to heal. While the five stages of grief are common in many people, you may find that your grieving process is different from anyone’s expectations. By acknowledging your specific needs during the grieving process, you will be able to cope with your grief on your own terms. Here are some reasons to take time for yourself as you grieve.

Manage unexpected feelings

Traditionally, the five stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. While these stages are common for most people, you may realize that your grieving process is associated with many emotions and feelings that you did not anticipate. By taking time for yourself, you will be able to manage your unexpected feelings.

Allow grief to take its course

For some people, the grieving process may take months, while other people may need years to deal with their grief. By taking time for yourself as your grieve, you can allow your grief to take its course. Giving yourself as much time as you need will help you throughout the healing process.

Recharge mentally and physically

Grieving for a loved one can be both mentally and physically draining. By taking time for yourself, you will have an opportunity to recharge and refresh. If it feels appropriate, you may want to treat yourself to a special outing, such as a spa appointment or a day out with friends.

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