The importance of technical teaching at a young age

In today’s society, we are often more concerned with the team our children makes rather then the proper motor mechanics in a sport. There is no correlation between having to win early in athletics to winning later at the collegiate or Olympic level. The goal in youth sports should be to develop great motor skills so children can maximize their athletic potential when they are older.

Proper form and technique

Young athletes might develop poor form in an aspect of the game that will only continue with repetition of these habits. Grade school coaches tend to be school teacher or volunteer parents with limited knowledge on proper body mechanics. Being taught the proper technique will also prevent injuries resulting from overexertion. The Great Lakes Center Youth Academy staff is very knowledgeable about proper body mechanics and emphasizes on individual skill development.

Not focused on winning 

Regardless of a child's athletic skill set, all children should have a chance to develop physically. The GLCYA program emphasis is on development and not winning. Kids practice in a fun environment and are all shown the same techniques, that way all the children are maximizing their training.  

More time to train

Children who start playing sports at a younger age have more time to develop and don’t have to rush to develop. As the saying goes, it takes about 10, 000 hours to become a master at any skill. The earlier children start training the longer the window is to excel.

For more details about this youth program, visit the GLCYA online or call 630-898-6400. 

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