The shifting demographics of hearing loss

Hearing loss is a problem that has frequently been associated with the aging process, but there are other factors that can cause hearing loss at younger ages. The baby boomer generation is learning this first-hand, as more people between the ages of 45 to 64 are suffering from hearing loss. In fact, there are more people with hearing loss in this age group than there are in the 65+ demographic. Below you can see the reasons for this trend of earlier onset hearing loss and learn about modern treatment options to restore hearing.

Hearing loss at younger ages

The patterns of age related hearing loss are now seen in people in their 40s and 50s rather than in their 60s and beyond. Signs of this type of hearing loss include trouble communicating over the phone, keeping the television at a higher volume, and asking for people to repeat themselves during regular conversation.

Noise induced problems

One of the contributing factors of early hearing loss is noise-induced damage. Not only are baby boomers known as the first “Rock & Roll” generation, but many baby boomers have also worked in fields such as construction and factory work—both areas where workers are surrounded by booming noise throughout the day.

Neglecting treatment for hearing loss

In spite of the rising rates of hearing loss, the majority of patients with hearing loss do not use proper ear protection or hearing aids. As hearing aid technology becomes more advanced and discreet, however, more baby boomers may see the value of restoring their hearing with these devices.

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