The solution for your chronic back pain could be in your neck

Lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints of American adults, but it often goes untreated or only temporarily corrected. With adjustment of the atlas vertebra, however, you might feel a drastic improvement in lower and mid-back pain. Here is a closer look at how adjustments in the neck can affect the rest of your spine.

Connections in the spine

Even though your spine is divided into distinct sections, it moves and functions as a whole unit. Local treatments such as lower back adjustments, electrical therapy, trigger point work, or exercise may not improve lower back pain because the pain could be originating from strain caused by poor alignment of the entire spine.

Common areas of strain

The neck—more specifically the atlas vertebra—is targeted by A.O. (Atlas Orthogonal) chiropractors, because this part of the spine is closely linked to the alignment of the entire spine. In fact, this approach to adjusting the atlas vertebrae consistently improves the alignment of the entire spine. This reduces the stresses on the lower back as well as the mid-back. Oftentimes, this is the missing link in resolving localized pain issues through it is rarely addressed as part of most assessments for lower back pain.

Effectiveness of treatment

Addressing back pain from the neck is often more effective than local treatment, because the precise adjustments made by the chiropractor promote better posture, which will alleviate pressure points throughout the spine rather than just in one area.

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