Three ways to eat your Neapolitan style pizza

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If you have never eaten Neapolitan pizza before, you may be surprised when it arrives at your table. Each pizza is hand-tossed to a small, thin size intended for one person. The crust is charred in a scorching hot oven to create a spongy texture inside with light charring on the exterior. This allows diners to eat in a number of ways that are not typically used for American pizzas.


Most Neapolitan style pizzas are light on toppings, because the thin crust will become soggy if it is overloaded. With the simplicity of these pies, it is easy to fold the pizza over and eat it like a sandwich. This might also make it easier to pass your pizza around the table so that everyone can have a taste.


The quad-fold is favored among some diners, as it recreates the shape of a standard pizza slice. This method uses two folds in the crust to create a triangular pizza that is easy to hold and eat without a mess.

Fork and knife

If you want to create as many bites as possible with your delectable pizza, you may opt for the knife and fork method of eating. While this may be frowned upon in some American pizzerias, it is a fine way to enjoy every last bite of your Neapolitan style pie. Selecting a knife and fork to eat may leave room to add a few more toppings to the pizza as well.

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