Tips for designing an effective weight training routine

Weight training is a misunderstood part of a complete workout routine. While many people think that you only need to focus on weight training if you want to bulk up, this type of exercise is actually essential for building lean muscle that will help boost your metabolism and give you more strength for your cardio routine. Here is a look at how you can get started on a weight training routine that will work for you.

Maintain balance in your workouts

Even if your primary goal is to see more definition in your arms or build strength in your lower body, you should work out all of the major muscle groups in weight training. Whether you choose to work with a weight stack, targeted lifting machines or your own body weight, it is best to use a whole-body approach. This will help you prevent injuries and have better control over your muscles as you begin more rigorous training routines.

Stay within your body’s limits

Soreness after a workout is completely normal, but you will want to make sure that you allow enough time to recover between workouts. Monday-Wednesday-Friday routines are favorable, because they provide long windows between weight training workouts for your muscles to recover and get stronger. It is also important not to start with too much too fast. Exercise at a level where you are challenged but not overworked. As your routine becomes easier, add new challenges like extra weight and more reps.

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