Tips for handling a work-related injury

Even the most careful and safe workers may be subject to injuries in the workplace, so you should know the appropriate steps to take following a work-related injury. Here is a quick look at the most essential things to do when you are injured on the job.

Report your injury immediately

You may need to file a workers’ compensation claim to cover the cost of your medical care, and this process will begin when you report your injury to a supervisor. It is important to make your injury known right away so that your benefits begin immediately allowing you to get medical care without the stress of billing issues.

Keep the facts straight

From the moment you report your injury to the follow-up with your physician and reports with your insurance provider, you will want to have an honest and consistent story about the nature of your injury. It is also important to keep notes on the progress of your recovery along with any delayed effects of the initial injury. This will help you get the care you need without a lapse in coverage from your employer’s workers’ comp insurance.

Choose the right health care provider

If possible, locate a care provider offering workers’ compensation services to eliminate the hassle of communicating with your employer and insurance provider throughout your recovery. While you may need emergency care directly following your injury, you should have the choice of seeking a physician to assist in your long-term recovery and return to the workplace.

Also, choose a specialist that offers comprehensive medical care, while keeping the employer and insurer updated on the treatment plan and progress. The right specialist should have considerable understanding of worker’s compensation injuries and process. To get back on the job faster, look for a doctor with a sports medicine background and commitment to full recovery.

Orthopedic Associates of Naperville offers complete care for work-related injuries from physicians and staff experienced in this type of billing and care. To request an appointment for your injury assessment and treatment, visit OAN online or call 630-355-3774.

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