Tips for improving balance and mobility as you get older

Falls can be serious injuries for seniors—often leading to fractures, sprains, and other significant injuries. To prevent a fall at home and maintain more independence as you get older, follow these guidelines to stay balanced at any age.

Utilize a variety of exercises

In order to stay active, you must be more active. Staying put and minimizing how much you move will actually put you at a greater risk for falls. You should get more exercise with both aerobic and strength training exercise, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Dancing, for example, may be just the right activity to help you stay fit and agile, even if you have never danced before.

Watch where you walk

You can make your home work better for your balance. If you have area rugs or slick tile floors, you might tack down rugs or use a slip-proof surface to provide more tread as you move around the house. When you are out, be sure to pay close attention to where you walk and keep a comfortable speed for your fitness level.

Select the right walking shoes

Improper footwear can throw off your balance and have you feeling pain in your feet, knees and hips. When you select a pair of walking shoes, look for cushioned insoles that offer enough arch support to keep your foot in a more neutral position. You should also avoid shoes that pinch or feel tight in certain areas.

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