Tips for incorporating more light into the kitchen

As the center for entertaining and gathering in your home, the kitchen requires bright and warm light to welcome guests and make it easier to see as you slice, sauté and mix ingredients for your culinary creations. If your kitchen does not let in much natural light or you want to create a brighter space for evening entertaining, there are several lighting solutions that will liven up the space with vibrant light.

Under-cabinetry lighting

Overhead cabinets can create shadows along your countertops and working areas, so you might line the bottom of the cabinets with lighting fixtures. Ideally, these lights should be dimmable so that you can brighten the room for entertaining and turn the lights down when you want a more intimate feel in the space.

Track lighting

A popular choice for kitchen lighting is track lighting, because it does not require additional wiring in the ceiling but it optimizes the light in the room and allows you to point light to specific areas of the room. Track lighting can also create an ultra-modern feel in the kitchen that will combine beautifully with contemporary cabinetry.

Vintage hanging fixtures

In the dining area, you may want to have lighting with more character and visual appeal. You can achieve this with retro lighting fixtures such as schoolhouse lights, which come in a variety of colors and shapes. Large, geometrical lighting fixtures can also be appealing if you are going for a less traditional look.

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