Tips for running your first 5k

Photo Credit: <a href="">Josiah Mackenzie</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Photo Credit: Josiah Mackenzie via Compfight cc

Finishing a 5k race can help you kickstart a fitness routine while you help raise money for a great cause. Your 5k effort can support the arts if you choose the 17th Annual Bob Blazier Run For The Arts on May 4 as your first race. This event is meant to bring out all of the superheroes of the community, as all participants are encouraged to run in costume. Whether or not you choose to run with your cape and mask, you should follow these guidelines for a successful first race.

Take time to prepare

Five kilometers is an achievable distance for runners of all skill levels, but it does still take some work — especially if you are just getting into running. You will want to start preparing for your first race several weeks ahead of time using interval training to build up your stamina. Be sure to rest the day before the race so that you are not sore on the big day.

Arrive early on race day

Races tend to draw a big crowd, so you should show up at least one hour before the race starts. This way you will have time to hydrate, have a snack and warm up without the anxiety of getting right to the start line.

Don’t rush through the race

You may be tempted to run with more experienced racers, but you will want to hang back if you are not running a quick mile. There are often joggers and walkers out to enjoy the race, so it may be better to join these participants further back from the start of the race.

Your support for the 17th Annual Bob Blazier Run For The Arts on Sunday, May 4, will benefit an excellent local theater — Raue Center For the Arts. You can sign up for the race and find more ways to support Raue Center on their website or by calling 815-356-9212. 

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