Touring 100 years of luxury with Cadillac

For more than a century, Cadillac vehicles have set the standard for performance and luxury. Throughout the decades, Cadillac has continued to update its vehicles with innovative features and groundbreaking technology. Today, Cadillac’s vehicles represent the pinnacle of automotive design and ingenuity. Let’s take a tour of the past 100 years of Cadillac luxury.

1900s: Origins

The Cadillac Company was created in 1902 by a bold entrepreneur named Henry Leland. Leland chose the name Cadillac in honor of the family who originally founded the city of Detroit. From the beginning, Cadillac was at the forefront of automotive innovation. For example, Cadillac’s early manufacturing facilities were the first to use interchangeable parts.

1950s: Innovations

Each decade of the 20th century marked an important period of innovation for the Cadillac brand. During the 1950s, Cadillac’s cars became icons of the American auto industry. In the fifties, Cadillac debuted a series of V8 performance vehicles that dominated the worldwide racing scene. In addition, Cadillac introduced a series of brand new technological features to its cars. These features included standard power steering and automatically dimming headlamps.

2010s: Present day

Cadillac vehicles remain synonymous with luxury and performance to this day. The new Cadillac lineup includes vehicles, such as the CTS and the ATS, which are favored by the most discerning driving enthusiasts. The new Cadillac lineup also includes rugged and luxurious vehicles, such as the Escalade and the SRX Crossover. 

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