Understanding the challenges of caring for an aging relative

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You may want to be the primary caregiver for an aging loved one who is unable to complete daily chores, personal care and medication management. Caregiving is a significant challenge for relatives, however, so consider reaching out to a home health care professional for a helping hand. By seeking the services of a professional, you can avoid these common challenges for family caregivers.

Risk of injury

You may have to help your loved one walk, get out of the bath or bathe, and these activities can all pose a risk for serious spinal injuries from improper lifting techniques. Home health care professionals are trained to help elderly individuals navigate a number of situations without injuring themselves or their clients.

Lack of personal time

Serving as a full-time caregiver may leave you without much time to care for yourself—particularly if you are still maintaining your own job and family life. You might become sick more frequently, neglect your own personal care or fall short on social commitments. 

Frequent emotional stress

Because you may be frequently short on time as a caregiver for a family member, you may feel the burden of stress weighing down on your health and appearance. There can also be emotions such as guilt or resentment tied to the responsibility of caring for an elderly loved one, so you may be able to build a more positive relationship when a professional caregiver is involved in your routine.

Assisting Hands Home Care can provide your family with more quality time together while delivering the non-medical care services your elderly relative needs to thrive at home. To get in touch with Assisting Hands in Naperville, visit them online or call 630-305-9100.

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