Understanding what it takes to recover from addiction or chemical dependency

When you suffer from an addiction or chemical dependency, there may be much more going on than meets the eye. Addiction is often closely related to mental disorders than can perpetuate the problem and create painful situations for both patients and their families. Those suffering from addiction tend to have a network of affected individuals from friends and family members to coworkers and other acquaintances. Therefore, seeking treatment may be about more than just getting healthy. It might be the only step that can help you rebuild important relationships in your life. Below is a closer look at what you need to know about addiction recovery before entering a program.

The right program

Addiction and dependency treatment is a highly personal process, so you will want to seek a program that can be tuned to your unique needs. The addiction services provided at Linden Oaks at Edward Hospital can address addiction at any stage and provide patients with the resources they need for clean living. Under the leadership of Dr. David Lott, Director of Linden Oaks’ Chemical Dependency Program, patients will find treatment with a great success rate in a leading addiction treatment center.

A comprehensive treatment approach

Mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder are often linked to addiction. This means that dual diagnosis programs are often a necessity for successful recovery. By addressing both issues at once, patients are able to more clearly identify triggers for their addiction and patterns that occur when they are using. Physical dependence also needs to be addressed to create an opportunity for patients to get clean. Detoxification is an integral component of addiction treatment that will help ease withdrawal symptoms so that patients can get on track with their recovery right away. At Linden Oaks, these services are offered in a dedicated unit with specialized staff members on call 24/7.

Family support

Family members who stick by you during treatment for dependency may be eager to step in and offer their help, but they often do not know where to begin providing support that is actually beneficial. Therefore, addiction programs need to provide outreach to loved ones so they are able to create healthier relationships without perpetuating an enabler role. Family members of patients at Linden Oaks are encouraged to utilize the Saturday Family Program, which provides education and support for the loved ones of individuals suffering from addiction.

Prevention and awareness

Alcoholism and other types of addiction can run in families, so it is important to identify these behaviors and address them with honest conversations among family members. With the Detour Program at Linden Oaks, adolescents who have experimented with drugs and alcohol can get a real look at the path of addiction and the consequences of drug use. This program opens a dialogue for parents and children to create an open environment where tough subject matter may be addressed. Outpatient group therapy is available for patients seeking extra guidance and support following their treatment for chemical dependency.

You can learn more about Linden Oaks by calling their 24/7 Help Line at 630-305-5027 or visiting their website. Addiction is a serious concern for any patient struggling with dependency, and the signs should not be ignored.

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