Unique countertop ideas for your custom kitchen

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When you are designing a custom kitchen, it is important to choose features and amenities that reflect your personal style. As one of the central areas of your home, the kitchen is a place where family and friends will gather and spend a significant amount of time. By including unique countertops in your custom kitchen, you can create a space that is both inviting and functional. Here is a look at some unique countertop ideas for your custom kitchen.

Large center island

A large center island will provide a central point of focus for your kitchen. By installing a large countertop space in the middle of your kitchen, you will create a main area where you can prepare food while chatting with guests. Your island can be topped with a variety of countertop surfaces, including limestone, granite or marble.

Dark countertops

Dark countertops can provide a dramatic and stylish contrast to a light, bright kitchen space. Natural stone materials, such as granite and limestone, are available in a variety of rich, dark shades. By choosing dark countertops, you will create a stylish and elegant statement in your custom kitchen design.

Kid friendly details

If you have a growing family, you may want to include kid friendly details in your new kitchen countertops. For example, you may want to choose custom bookend or bullnose edges, which provide a safe and rounded surface for your little ones. Materials such as granite and travertine are an extremely durable choice for the needs of your family.

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