Use permeable paving on your driveway to cut costs and protect the environment



It’s been a long winter, and paved surfaces everywhere are showing the damage. You may not think much about the environmental impact of paved outdoor areas like patios and driveways. However, there are various new paving methods that provide more environmental benefits and are more cost effective over the long term. Permeable pavers are ideal in Chicago area homes, because they allow water to penetrate the ground rather than pooling over a slab of concrete.

Eco-conscious hardscaping

Permeable pavers come in a wide range of different shapes, colors and materials, so they can function well in a wide range of spaces. For driveways and larger areas, installation may be more costly than concrete or asphalt, but the final product will outlast either of those two paving materials. In addition, permeable pavers allow for ground water absorption and minimize flooding during rainstorms, which can be highly costly for homeowners.

Combining water saving efforts

Installing permeable pavers may only be the first step in your home water conservation. A well-placed rain garden can prevent flooding even further, while rain barrels will allow you to keep rainwater stored to water your garden on dryer days.

Permeable pavers on a large scale

Great Impressions is the ultimate source for permeable pavers, which can be seen on a large scale at the corporate headquarters of their parent company, Sebert Landscaping. From Jeff Sebert’s own design, the parking lot, patio, and catwalk areas of the headquarters are covered in red permeable pavers that showcase the beauty of these blocks.

“The thing that I’m amazed by is that during a heavy rainfall, I can look out my office window and none of the water is going towards the manholes or the sewers,” says Jeff Sebert. “All the water percolates through the permeable pavers, down into the ground where it’s supposed to be.”

If you would like to find out more about Sebert Landscaping and their residential landscaping services in Naperville through Great Impressions, visit their website or call 630-955-9017. 

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