Ways for seniors to improve their memory

Forgetting names, mixing up days of the week, losing your keys—these are all common types of memory lapses experienced by senior citizens, but they do not have to be an inevitable consequence of the aging process. You can keep your mind sharp and improve your memory by following these simple steps in your daily activities.

Keep your home organized

A clean and clutter-free home will help you keep track of important items such as your keys, purse or reading glasses. You should dedicate certain areas for these objects so that you always know where to look for them first. Keeping a day planner can also be helpful for remembering dates and appointments.

Get physical exercise

Physical fitness leads to mental fitness, because exercise facilitates stress relief, improves overall mood and boosts circulation to the brain. While the exact relationship between memory and exercise is not fully understood, there is a positive correlation between physical activity and prevention of memory loss.

Stay engaged in mentally stimulating activities

Naturally you will want to engage your mind to keep your memory active, so you might explore activities that you always wanted to do but never had time for. These might include learning a language, playing an instrument or becoming an avid chess player.

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