Ways to go green with your corporate office’s landscaping

By now you have probably made some changes to your corporate environment to save energy and promote a greener image for your company. However, there may be more changes to make with your landscaping so that your headquarters make a minimal environmental impact. If you are invested in green initiatives that can make a difference, take inspiration from leaders like Jeff Sebert, who redesigned the Sebert Landscaping headquarters with many eco-conscious features in mind.

Green roof

You can transform your building into a living space that reduces storm water backup and extends the life of the roof with green roofing featuring native grasses and wildflowers. With a green roof you also have the option of creating accessible space for employees to step into a serene garden during breaks and after work.

Rainwater collection

A complete overhaul of your landscape is not necessary to go green. In fact, you can make a significant impact with simple methods of rainwater collection and redistribution. From rain barrels to custom water features, there are many ways to recycle and reclaim water for a lush and long-lasting landscape. You can even reclaim water in the parking lot with permeable pavers that let water be reabsorbed into the soil.

Native landscaping

When you select new plants to surround your building, it is best to work with plants native to the area. This way you can ensure minimal watering and work with the existing soil.

To see the incredible LEED Certified headquarters of Sebert Landscaping, visit their website and take a virtual tour of the facilities. You can incorporate Jeff Sebert’s award-winning landscape into your corporate HQ by calling 630-497-1000 to begin your landscape design. 

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