Ways to reduce holiday stress



The holiday season may bring more stress than cheer if you have to juggle a busy schedule, plan holiday parties and house guests from out of town. By taking a little time to yourself with the relaxing and pampering treatments below, you can cut down your holiday stress to stay healthy and cheerful all season long.

Zen bed

The Zen bed offers the incredible feeling of weightlessness paired with the warmth and relaxation of hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy with the Zen bed is completely unique, because the body is kept dry throughout the treatment. In just one 30-minute session, you can feel revitalized and restored. Plus, you will be able to sleep much better so you can continue feeling refreshed after your treatment.


Facials are the perfect way to sneak in luxurious relaxation on your lunch break or between stops on your holiday shopping route. With work performed on an infrared amethyst crystal mat, you can feel your stress melt away as the look and feel of your skin is improved dramatically.

Massage therapy

For whole body healing and pain relief, you might book a massage with techniques like Thai Hot Stem or Hot Lava Shells. Simple Swedish and deep tissue methods are also powerful treatments that will release tension and allow you to fully relax.

Energy work

Stress is a mental and physical problem, so it may be best to address it on multiple levels. Aura Imaging and Energy reading can provide you with a picture of your body’s energies to help you begin the healing process with more targeted therapies.

Timeless Day Spa can care for your mind, body and spirit with healing relaxation treatments fit for any lifestyle. To book your stress relief session, visit Timeless Day Spa online or call 630-428-0700.

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