What are 'storm chasing' contractors?

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Homeowners in the Midwest are often the target of "storm chasing" contractors — those who travel from state to state offering often shoddy workmanship for important home repairs. Typically these contractors arrive after major storms or in the spring when winter damage is revealed under melted snow. Because they do not stick around long, storm chasing contractors perform work quickly and often sloppily. By the time you notice a problem, the contractor will likely be out of town, leaving you in need of further repairs after you’ve already paid hundreds of dollars. Below is a look at the biggest red flags to look for with storm chasing contractors.

High pressure sales tactics

Storm chasers often sell services door-to-door, so be wary of anyone who approaches you about contracting work. If you are asked to pay for work up front or sign a blank contract, don’t hesitate to refuse. You might have to pay a deposit working with a reliable local contractor, but this will not be more than one-third of the total cost of the work.

Few reliable credentials

One way that storm chasing contractors lure in homeowners is by securing a local phone number while they are in town. Look beyond the phone number and address to verify a business’s credibility. Check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau and ask for references before signing on with any contractor.

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