What are Superhero Sports?

At Players Indoor Sports Center, there are activities and classes to get every member of the family involved in team sports. Superhero Sports are for young kids from ages 3-6, and they can help your child get excited about physical activity, teamwork and giving back to the community with the spirit of cooperation. Here is a closer look at what Superhero Sports classes can offer to your child.

Sports with a creative spin

Whether your child participates in soccer, basketball, T-ball or a sampler class of all three sports, he or she can dress in superhero attire while enjoying these fun activities. Coaches are enthusiastic and energetic, and they create an environment where kids can play fearlessly in superhero capes and caps, which are provided for each child.

Fun with an emphasis on teamwork

Classes cover the basics of your child’s designated sport and encourage kids to work together in a competitive yet supportive atmosphere. Cooperation is an essential skill for any superhero, so kids are consistently reminded of the value of teamwork.

Building lifelong skills

When your child gets excited about sports and team activities early in life, he or she will have a lifelong passion for physical activity. Plus, he or she will have the basic skills to play any sport in school and beyond. Continued participation in athletics can help your child make friends and steer clear of less wholesome activities as he or she gets older.

To find more information about Superhero Sports and other programs at Players Indoor Sports Center in Naperville, visit their website or call 630-470-6400. With excellent indoor facilities, Players Indoor Sports offers an excellent place to stay fit, host parties and share experiences with the community in every season.

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